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Monday, October 15, 2007

What are you looking at?!

Although the cafe serves probably the worst coffee in town, I will leave it unnamed because the wait staff is very kind. Allison and I had lunch there. The waitress, most likely in her mid forties, was very kind. She was impressed by my Croatian language skills, although they are less than impressive. She was very intrigued and warm toward the friendly outsiders who had clearly taken a liking to her culture and language. Upon receiving our lunch, Allison and I bowed our heads to thank the Lord for the bountiful food in front of us. I sat, head bowed over my plate of tasty pljeskavica, in devout prayer. The kind waitress approached, asking in a surprising manner, "What are you looking at?!" I raised my head from prayer, awkwardly with obvious surprise on my face. She realized we were praying and quickly left.
Shortly after, she approached asking, "Ti molis?" (You are praying?). I answered in the affirmative and was met by a very unexpected response. She hugged me. What a kind lady.
Although the coffee is the worst I have had in Rijeka, the kind waitress who appreciates prayer surely makes up for it.