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Friday, May 11, 2007

Evolution. The theory proven?

When I moved to Europe I was aware that there were several significant cultural differences. A few to mention: tight pants on guys, cigarette smoking everywhere, man-purses, cafes everywhere, Euro hairstyles, the list goes on. I came into this culture open-minded and feel that I have been able to assimilate into some of these categories.
The category that initially seemed the most attractive was the freedom to experiment with Euro hairstyles. It seems that mohawks and mullets are both readily prevalent, as are rat-tails.

(Amazing, isn't it.)

It is just more acceptable here. Call it behind the times, or perhaps even ahead of the times.
Long being a fan of the mohawk, this was the perfect location to enjoy its benefits to the fullest, without fear of being judged by the older generations. A recently developed personal appreciation for the mohawk consists of its natural merging with my receding hairline.

See how well it works.
(Like a match made in heaven.
The receding hair line and the mohawk that is,
not me and the old lady.)

Carrying on. So after some time of the mohawk, I grew a desire to someday be the proud owner of a mullet-hawk. Mohawk up top, mullet in back. But trust me, it would look good. According to European opinion anyway. So in my moderate, half-hearted attempt to procure this mullet-hawk something interesting happened. I wasn't really intentionally working towards the mullet-hawk, but more so hoping that one day it would become a reality of its own doing. What struck me by surprise, was that in this European way of life, it seemed that my mohawk (in the process of growing out) had evolved. Into a full blown rat-tail.

That could be put in a rubber band. It is affectionately referred to as the "rony-tail." The proper combination of rat-tail with a pony tail.

I shall now leave you to yourself to think through this modern marvel. Enjoy.


  • At 4:31 PM, Blogger Stacie said…

    Suddenly, the speedo doesn't seem so bad...


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