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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monkey Mania

So I had 2 options for the day trip. A place inhabited with wild monkeys or another place that had blah blah blah. Clearly, the superlative choice was easy. Monkey Island. In reality, it wasn't truly an island, but it kinda looked like one. And it just sounds good.
At the intial commencement of our tour, the cabbie dropped us off out front of a cave. To my instant delight, we were met by many monkeys.
Monkeys sitting.Monkeys walking.
Monkeys on vans.
You get the idea. We stood in wonder of these delightful little creatures, watching them with the fascination of a child in a huge candy store. Don't misunderstand me; we had no plans of using the money mom gave us in order to purchase the monkeys for the sake of tasty consumption. Moving along. As we moved along we spotted a monkey in a tree, a bit more of a natural setting for the monkey (compared to the concrete street). He was also engaged in a very natural activity. Taking a tinkle.
Looks pretty comfortable, doesn't he.
It's ok. Everybody does it. Immediately after taking care of business, the monkey abruptly jumped to the rail right next to us.
This is right before he jumped
We were all a bit frightened, by the idea of being attacked by a monkey, especially a monkey who probably still had tinkle on him.
After touring through the cave, we were met by more monkeys. I hear imitation is the highest form of flattery.

This little guy was just hanging out on the fence. I'm pretty sure if his mom wouldn't have been nearby I would have kidnapped the little fella and made him my very own pet and friend. I imagine procurring a monkey at this age would make him more likely to see me as mother figure and in turn develop our bond. More on the idea of monkeys as pets later..
Continuing our journey through Monkey Island, we came upon another precious specimen.
Once again, imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Andy decided to forego the instructions directly in front of this monkey and pet him anyway.For those of you not familiar with the monkey species, a brief educational introduction:
Monkeys like to climb

and eatand give thorough back rubsand wrestle

and just sit around

and pickpocket

and try to scare you when you make faces at them.As we traversed the furthest reaches of Monkey Island, we discovered some subjects that were quite sociable with the human species.
In my endeavor to enjoy the reality of having a monkey on shoulder (as a pirate, I would much prefer a monkey to a bird), we decided to follow these seemingly people-friendly primates.
I approached one monkey, and while still about 15 feet away, he began walking toward me. Without any sort of coercion or persuasive "monkey-talk," the monkey jumped on my bag (aka man purse) and propelled himself onto my shoulders. Apparently the other monkey got a little jealous. Standing about 20 feet away, he ran to me, also scaled my body and began brawling with the first monkey. I was a bit uncertain of how to respond.
Don't worry, I didn't throw up.
This guy thought Andy was an amusement ride.
Based on the picture, I think I have to agree with him.
Although my first encounter with monkeykind caught me a bit by surprise, we rapidly grew more accustomed to each other.
This monkey was hungry.Here is an action shot of a little monkey (who seemed to be acting as if he were intoxicated-stumbling, trippining, etc.) almost falling of his seat.

Don't worry, he caught himself. He is adorable, huh.
Being an avid thumb-sucker in my childhood (and early adolescence) I felt an additional bond to this pint sized primate.
This venture solidified my fondness of monkeys and increased my desire to have one as a pet. Although some people look down on monkeys for throwing their own poo, this could be a very strategic quality to have in the midst of a burglary or visit from an unwanted friend or salesman. I would also train my pet monkey to use the toilet (to cut costs on diapers and just general mess around the housse), I would teach him Tai Chi (partially for my entertainment and partially for self defense in relation to burglars and other monkeys, dogs, and stray cats), and I would also teach him to enjoy a cup of black tea with milk, sipping gingerly with pinky extended. Oh, the possibilities of being a citizen in pet monkey ownership existence...
I leave you with a couple of my favorite shots of this magnificent expedition of Monkey Island.


  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger Krista said…

    So many pictures of monkeys. Where are the camels?

  • At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That is awesome. I want a monkey!

  • At 10:13 AM, Blogger Kellie said…

    The monkey's were pretty much amazing! I really enjoy your sense of humor in your blogs! It's great!


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