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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sweet Dreams

The other night I was dreaming, as I often do while I am asleep. There I was, standing in my living room. The living room of the house that I spent 19 years of my life "living" in. Seems to be an accurate title for the room. When out of the blue, a little Ewok walked in to the room. We were both surprised to see each other, and he looked at me with these big round puppy eyes. I think he feared I was going to hurt him.

(The dream Ewok was a couple years older than the one pictured here)
He was just a little guy, with no more than 5 or 6 Ewok years under his belt. He was wearing camoflague, as any proud Ewok would. He was also very cute, and I felt a little bad by the fear I instilled in him. He must of been frightened, separated from his family and encountering a human in his own living room.
Although not frightened by his presence, I did become a bit concerned. "Are there more Ewoks in my house?" "How many?" "How did they get in the house?" "How long have they been living here?" "Where do they hide?" "When there is no one in the house, do they come out and have parties?" Many questions like these caused a bit of uneasiness and curiousity in my dreaming mind.

I decided to discover the answers to these questions by following the little guy. Surely he would lead me to elucidation. Unfortunately, by following him I instilled even more fear in this little Ewok. I confess feelings of guilt, but I was determined to get to the bottom of this potential Eewok colony living in my house. Although moving fast, he ran very slowly, on account of his little Ewok legs. We came to my bedroom and the small creature was nervously trying to open my blinds and the window in order to evade my capture. Again, feeling bad that he was so scared and anxious, I helped him with his escape, lifting the blinds and opening the window for him. The tiny creature didn't seem to notice that I was trying to help him and proceeded with his getaway. He climbed out of the window quite hurriedly and in a panicky manner. Not really having any of my questions answered, I stood there and watched the Ewok through the window.
What he did next caught me by surprise. Once he got outside, the little guy lit up a cigarette and stood there, looking at me and smoking.
This was the end of my dream, but in recollecting these happenings, more questions come to mind. "Was he old enough to smoke?" "Did my 'chase' force him to calm his anxious nerves by lighting up a stogie?" "Am I guilty of causing a little Ewok to experience trauma that leads to a life of cigarette addiction?" "Or perhaps the Ewok was just really jonesing for a cigarette and due to his good etiquette wanted to respect the house and its owners by not smoking indoors, and therefore was not fleeing from my pursuit, but merely trying to be a good guest in the midst of getting his fix?"