A Rozy View on Life

I am John Rozelle, hear me ROAR like a dinosaur!

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Fight

I got in a fight last week. With Santa. We duked it out over the real meaning of Christmas, and you know what, Santa fights dirty. Our squabble lasted nearly 45 minutes; I was surprised by the stamina of this jolly overweight character. I admit that Santa got the best of me for the first part of the fight but the true meaning of Christmas motivated me to put Santa in his place.

After getting out of this headlock, I determined to use any means necessary to curtail the efforts of my assailant. I was forced into stabbing him with a standard ball-point pen (ironically, one I got in my stocking last year) which in turn penetrated his jolly forcefield of strength and left him nothing more that a pile of outter garments possessing absolutely no Christmas spirit whatsoever.
May the true meaning of Christmas continue to prevail.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Dream Come True

I don't yet have a pet monkey, but today another wish of mine became a reality. Living in the cafe saturated culture of Rijeka, it has long been a desire of mine to become a regular at one of the city's fine establishments. Just like in "Cheers". I have scoped out a few potential hot spots, unfortunately one is under construction.
Prior to my language study today, I met Alexis at my #2 choice for a cappucino. Having premeditated my scheme to become a regular (and even having selected a table that I hope to eventually be reserved for me and my "company"), I once again entered the establishment. Deciding to venture away from my standard cappucino, I meandered into the cafe with the thoughts of ordering a hot chocolate (which in reality is more like a cup of warm pudding. Mmm, mm). Upon breaching the doorway, the waitor greeted me with a "Hi", not the standard Croatian greeting. A bit startled by his use of English, I smiled and nodded, uncertain of which language to resond with. His following statement was the one that clinched my happiness for the next week. "Cappucino?" he asked. Once again a bit surprised (albeit pleasantly), particularly in light of my recent decision to veer from my standard cappucino for a hot chocolate, I gladly responded in the affirmative, "Da." This wonderful man had memorized my face and my beverage of choice. Mission complete.