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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Tally

Yes, that is correct, 477 ants dead. You break into my kitchen, steal my food, threaten the cleanliness of my kitchen (some may argue that this never existed in the first place) and as I initially threatened, you my little ant fiends are dead. I warned you, and I declared publicly that your existence would be cut short. I gave you multiple chances, yet you continually tried to abuse me and take advantage of me. No longer will man be ruled by ants. Man, not insect, was given authority over all living creatures and I intend to keep it that way.


  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Jessica Joy said…

    haha, i love your war against ants! we've been constantly killing ants since june at my house. we use the ant traps which kills the whole nest, but somehow they always seem to come back. you're the ultimate "ant bully" though! (are you going to watch that movie when it comes out? it might make you feel bad!)


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