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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Soccer Season

Pete and I went to the island of Murter with Dario and his friend Marko for the weekend. Dario's grandparents live there. On Saturday evening, before watching the U.S. World Cup game, we decided to go play a friendly pick up game of soccer at the local playground.
There were a lot of kids there (around 10-13 years old or so) and we played a game of 6 on six. The four of us older guys were on a team with two youngsters, and the other team was composed solely of Croatian kids. Needless to say, the teams were not evenly matched.
After about an hour of play, I was pretty tired and the game ended. These little kids didn't take it easy on us at all. Not to say that they were double-teaming me or anything (that assumes respect for me as a soccer player), but they were tough. Yes, it's true. Those kiddies put a hurtin on us old guys. Like I said, the teams were not evenly matched.
The final score of the game was unknown (since it was a friendly match), but one thing is certain. I still did not score a goal.


  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger pete zagorda said…

    i on the other hand was a scoring machine....i totally wasted that 10 year old goalie for 2 goals...is that good or just sad?


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