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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Guns and Purses: Round 2

So, I must admit my facination with those who carry guns and purses at the same time. Granted this particular interest leans toward male specimens, for I believe it is more common for women to carry guns than it is for men to carry purses (perhaps this is an inaccurate perception).
The following depiction occurred in Florence, Italy.

Please notice these ambassadors of the law, men and women alike, proudly sporting white purses, along with their side-arms. I have never been accused of being fashionable, but I just can't condone this sort of ensemble. I am also unable to see any practical purpose (such as intimidation factor) in the existence of these white purses. If extra storage is necessary, may I suggest more cargo pockets, more utility belt compartments, a small backback, or yay, even a fanny pack? I fear the presence of these stark white handbags counteracts any sort of intimidation that a gun may impose.
Although my previous post regarding men who carry guns and purses conveyed some sort of respect for this kind of behavior, my feelings for this particular Italian circumstance are not as favorable. I recognize these protectors of peace most likely have no say in whether they wear white purses or not, so I will try not to direct my attack on them personally. My beef lies with those who instituted mandatory white purses for all officers of the law. You, my friend are not only silly, but also unnecessarily risking the safety of your treasured citizens. Will law reign in a land where its ambassadors' appearances do not demand respect and convey authority?


  • At 8:54 PM, Blogger KittyDub said…

    Woe to you man for suggesting a fanny pack in ANY circumstance


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