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Monday, June 19, 2006


This is not so much of a standard blog entry as it is a public declaration of war. Allow me to preface this declaration with the previous entry entitled "Me Against an Army," posted in May. Further experience also leads me to current feelings of anger and violence.
A couple days ago I purchased a tasty loaf of chocolate chip bread. I consumed part of it, closed the opening, and placed it on my kitchen table. The following morning I rose, excited about the chocolate chip bread breakfast that awaited me. To my surprise, upon opening the delectable bread product, I saw an army of ants on the table. Approximately 80 or so of the lil buggers. Fearfully I peered inside the bread package to see the bread appearing to move, the illusion caused by about another hundred ants devouring my breakfast.
Of course my reaction did not allow me time to engage in suitable revenge. In disgust, I threw the bread into the trash can and removed the remainder of soldiers from the table. I let them off pretty easy that time.
Later in the day I say five more ants on the table. They are now dead. Then I saw five more ants. They are dead as well. Any ant that I find in my kitchen or anywhere in my residence, will surely meet his fate. [As I type, I just killed yet another intruder. Current death toll is now 11]. Ants, consider yourselves warned. If I see you, you will surely perish.


  • At 5:43 AM, Anonymous Michelle said…

    Pete told me about your ant invasion...good luck with killing them...athough please be careful about setting anything on fire, but then again you are an experienced firefighter...just have a bucket of water ready to go...Have fun!

  • At 6:19 AM, Blogger Taylor said…

    Where are the photos, John?


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