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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Aftermath

So, it turns out ants are not as smart as they are strong and diligent. The day following the Battle of Swiss Roll Mountain it appeared the ants had not learned their lesson. Once again, they forcefully entered their way into my kitchen in hopes of making off with my food. Not a good idea. (Although I do admit I left the Swiss Roll out in hopes of enticing more soldiers, hehe).
I confess my lack of creativity, but hold fast to my persistence and consistency. A war waged, very similar to that of Swiss Roll Mountain, but this time involving more team work and less strategy. The lighter and hairspray proved effective and I saw no reason to change the method. Luckily, Pete and Taylor were both interested in exacting revenge on the little thieves.
Although the hairspray is toxic for Taylor, this is the price she was willing to pay to join the war efforts.

Doesn't she look so lady-like as she kills the little intruders?
Pete was also interested in having his hand in the front lines. As you can see, it was not difficult to get him to join in the battle.

I actually think a new Pete was born that day. I can not be held responsible for his new desire to wage war on ants worldwide.
With all this said, 63 ants lost thier lives in The Aftermath. My little ant fiends, when will you learn that this is not a game?


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