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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Smoking: not just for amateurs

One thing I have noticed in Croatia is the commitment level of most smokers. Smoking is not just a hobby, but an activity that requires dedication and determination. Personally, I have not witnessed a plethora of multi-tasking in Croatia, but while on the island of Lopud I witnessed something that will not soon leave my memory. I observed perhaps the most committed smoker I have ever seen. This man, let's call him Zlatko (mainly because it's just more fun and makes it more personal), was very perseverant in his desire to smoke while working. Interesting thing though, his work consisted of pushing a wheelbarrow. Now, I would assume that a person who was smoking while pushing a wheel barrow would choose to pull the "I'll just keep the cigarette in my mouth the whole time and look like a tough guy" method. Not Zlatko. Zlatko chose the "I'll smoke my cigarette with one hand and balance the wheel barrow with one hand" method. This truly was a tremendous feat. Zlatko, you impress me with your commitment to smoking and ability to balance a wheel barrow while pushing it with only one hand.


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