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Friday, May 12, 2006

Cro Po-po

Well, the long awaited day finally came to pass. Merely an hour ago, as I sat praying (yes, I am that good of a Christian), my doorbell rang. It was none other than one of Rijeka's finest, a gentleman in blue. He came in, we sat down. He pulled out his stack of paperwork regarding my current visa status (or lack there of).
I, being a Communication major, thoroughly enjoy these sort of cross-cultural communication opportunities. Trying to be as polite as possible, I slid the pile of snacks, camera, cell phone, etc. across the table out of the way of this kind officer. My action (which I suppose to him appeared to be sudden and perhaps aggressive) was met with a loud and somewhat forceful, "Easy! Easy! Eeeeeaasy!" Guess he was a little spooked.
I think I may have made another mistake later on in the interview, while waiting for Pete to arrive back at the apartment. The officer and I sat there, neither one speaking the other's language incredibly well, attempting to make small talk until Pete returned. He asked if he could smoke a cigarette (Croatians love their cigarettes-this one smokes 20 a day), to which I responded, "No." [That one was for you, Taylor]. Don't worry Mom, he didn't pull his gun on me.
He asked a series of standard questions, "What is your birthday? Where were you born? What is your father's name? What degree did you graduate with? What exactly are you doing in Croatia?" and then followed with a question that I do not believe they train American cops to ask. "When you drink coffee, where do you go?" "Really? Are you serious?" I thought to myself. So I responded, and he seemed satisfied with the answer. This officer, on top of his 20 smokes a day, admitted to drinking 6-7 cups of coffee a day as well. This, my friends, is a true Croat.
Once the interview concluded, I asked him if he knew how long it would be until we would know the final decision regarding our visa status, to which he replied, "I will turn it in on Monday to the 'higher-ups', then after that two weeks. Or months." Once again, this my friends, is a true Croat.


  • At 1:21 PM, Blogger Zoran said…

    Knowing your profound understanding of Croatian culture (or, as some critics find, "culture") I would expect you to appreciate his inquiring to the whereabouts of your coffee consuming, as there is only a few things that could disclose more about one's character :)

  • At 6:47 AM, Blogger John Rozelle said…

    Nicely stated, my Croatian friend. True indeed.

  • At 6:48 AM, Blogger Taylor said…

    Thanks for being willing to stand up to a trigger-happy policeman because of my great disdain for smoking, John. I appreciate all you risked for that. :)


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