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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wanna Play?

Oh man, I hope you like games as much as I do. Here's a fun one for you. It's called, "I bet you can't guess what this is and how much it cost me." I don't know if you have ever played it before, it's kind of a new, up and coming game. All the kids are playing it.
So this is how it works: First you look at the picture, then you guess what it is, and then you guess how much it cost me. So go ahead. Perform those three easy steps, then finish reading on to see how close you were to the truth of the matter.

......The Answer is.......

So if you guessed this was your ordinary, every day gluestick (as I originally did), you my friend are incorrect. It is in all actuality a tube of ordinary every day chapstick, except for one characteristic. This smoothly transitions into the next question: cost. If you guessed $2, as I optimistically did, you my friend are incorrect. The actual retail cost (I can not honestly say "value") was 850 forint. This equates to $4.25.
Next time you are in the Budapest airport, either come prepared with your own chapstick or be prepared to accept the weather beaten, dry, chapped condition of your lips. If your situation was as desperate as mine, you may go ahead and fork out $4.25 for something that looks like part of a 3rd grader's craft kit and continually ponder its appearance. Don't say I didn't warn you.


  • At 12:58 PM, Blogger Tim & Sara said…

    Why didn't you mention that it makes your lips all red and shiney, John? I even saw it advertised on a bus with a lady with big buxom lips.


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