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Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Doggy

I got a dog last week. I found him in a dumpster. He was eating trash. He likes to chew on things like plastic bottles, chairs, and my leg. He is big and likes to play a lot. We get along well and play games. His favorite is when he chews on my leg and I try to get him to stop. He usually wins.
We are even starting to look like eachother. He has a bad drooling problem and I am have started the same. Some of my friends say I should go to the doctor, but it's not like this happens all day every day. I'm sure it will pass.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Looking good, if I may say so myself.

Is your life really your own?

Did you ever feel that your life was really not your own and that someone else was really in control? I have never felt that way, but I hear others have. They tell me that they feel some other being (whether it be God, a boss, or a significant other) has reign over them, and even twists their words to be something they in actuality are not. I can only imagine this leads to a loss of security and fear for one's identity. How aweful must that be if one is perceived to be one that one is truly not.
Therefore I am exercising my right to freedom of speech, which I believe is significantly powerful in rightfully conveying the truth of who one is in all actuality. Those of you who are feeling repressed, restrained, and inaccurately portrayed to the common people, I say to you, "Speak. Speak loud. Speak clearly. Speak truth for all the world to hear." Then and only then will the reality of your true self be exposed for all to see and respect.
On a personal note, and in response to questions that have found themselves to my ears, I must clarify some basic issues in response to my blog. "Why pink?" Well, pink is a soothing color and my goal in starting this blog is to be a source of peace and soothing to all who experience it. "Why were you scared of two Croatian women chasing you?" Simply put, there were two of them and only one of me. Lastly, "What kind of dinosaur do you roar like?" In hopes to make this blog as interactive as possible, that statement was written to allow your very own personal creativity to decide what species is most appropriate. Thank you for your involvement.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Mugging

Okay. I was walking home from a meeting when these two Croatian women step out of a bus stop. One of them was tall, one was short. They started saying something or other in Croatian and then I ran. They chased me until my Croatian friends came out and talked with them. Turns out they had a question about the bus schedule. Whew! Close one!

I changed the story to make it a little more exciting when I told my teammates.

I love blogging

I am the best blogger ever, so get ready world! I am going to wow you with spectacular insights! I am the best! Bow before me blogosphere!